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What is financial coaching?

Financial coaching helps you create healthy financial habits and goals. As a financial coach, my role is to offer education, tools, resources, encouragement and monitoring - not financial advice. Financial advisors do the heavy lifting for you which leaves you vulnerable to exploitation, with little skin in the game. In financial coaching, we want YOU to be in charge of YOUR money and YOUR future, not someone else. We explore how your attitudes and beliefs affect your overall financial situation, identify challenges in your finances and educate you on strategies to overcome them.

Financial Coaching

Is financial coaching
right for you?

Financial coaching is right for you if...

• You are tired of living paycheck to paycheck

• You feel overwhelmed by all the money lingo

• You feel ready to learn how to manage your money

• You want to develop a positive, stress-free mindset around money

• You want to create a path of generational wealth for your children

• You have a dream to retire


If you could spend on the things you love (guilt-free), pay your bills, save for dream vacations, repay your debts, invest for your retirement, and stop stressing about money 24/7, wouldn't you do it?

I'm here to say that it's possible and there's no better time to start living your Lush Life than right now!

Empower yourself with the knowledge and skills you need to achieve your financial goals.


Money & Mindset COACHING PLANS


12 Month Guided Program

  • Current Status Assessment

  • 'Lush Life' Goal Setting

  • Spending Plan Design

  • Personalized Coaching

  • 12 - Monthly Check Ins

6 Month Guided Program

  • Current Status Assessment

  • 'Lush Life' Goal Setting

  • Spending Plan Design

  • Personalized Coaching

  • 6 - Monthly Check Ins


3 Month Guided Program

  • Current Status Assessment

  • 'Lush Life' Goal Setting

  • Spending Plan Design

  • Personalized Coaching

  • 3 - Monthly Check Ins


Th Process

Your financial coach is your personal wealth-building ally, helping you set up systems to manage your money seamlessly and grow your wealth.

The Process

During your initial consultation, we will discuss your attitudes and beliefs surrounding money, and how you feel your mindset has impacted your financial situation. We discuss how you grew up around money, identify challenges in your finances, and explore your goals and vision for your future. We will then use a 'tester' spending plan to discuss and view different options based on your current financial situation and your goals.

Once you make a definitive decision about the direction of your financial path, we will be able to create a finalized Spending Plan and set up automatic transfers/allocations to help guide you down your new, healthy financial path.

After your finalized plan and automatic transfers are complete, we will meet monthly (based on the package you chose) to discuss any changes to your financial situation, your progress towards your goals and how your mindset has been developing. Based on our discussion, and if needed, we can amend your Spending Plan to reflect any changes.

New Growth
Green and Purple Succulents
My husband and I spent many days worrying about money. We never really had an idea if we were saving enough, spending too much, or needed to cut back, which left us with underlying anxieties plaguing our marriage and life. Meg helped us identify our financial intentions by having us explore what we want and what we need with our money. We identified our primary goals and Meg created a beautiful budget for us. She never said “you can’t spend”, which is refreshing to hear, and she has a supportive and optimistic stance with finances—and she’ll help you feel that way too. We continue to talk with Meg of Reclaimed Mindset to continue to stay accountable & to support our goals of saving and living without financial worry.
-N.D., Illinois
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