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Our Mission


Reclaimed Mindset was started based on the belief that Mindset Mentoring and Financial Coaching can be hugely impactful to a person's life. Skills such as financial literacy, gratitude practices, positive thinking, and human connectivity are drastically lacking, and desperately needed, throughout our society, especially with the younger generations.

Reclaimed Mindset's mission is to help build fundamental skills needed to thrive in life - personally, professionally, and financially.

With newfound knowledge and with their own dedication and hard work, my clients have chosen to shift their perception to reclaim their mindset and take back control of their lives.


Money & Mindset COACHING PLANS


12 Month Guided Program

  • Initial Consultation

  • Spending Plan Design

  • 12 - 1hr Follow Up Sessions

6 Month Guided Program

  • Initial Consultation

  • Spending Plan Design

  • 6 - 1hr Follow Up Sessions


3 Month Guided Program

  • Initial Consultation

  • Spending Plan Design

  • 3 - 1hr Follow Up Sessions


My Story

My Story

For as long as I remember, my family has struggled with money. I grew up in a two parent household, with two younger siblings, in the in the suburbs of Chicago. My family was lower, middle class, and money always was a major source of stress for us.

As I grew into a teenager and entered the workforce, I was determined to never be in the same situation I saw my parents in. My goal was to be in control my money instead of allowing my money to control me. At this time, in my late teens, I didn't understand investing, cash depreciation, or the value of spending. I was in a hoarding mindset because all I witnessed as kid was scarcity fear and stress.

Since that time, I've developed a healthy and balanced financial mindset. Now, I create spending plans for large future expenses, happily enjoy spending money on things I love and care about, invest aggressively, save as needed, pay my credit cards in full at the end of every month, and truly feel safe and secure about my money situation.

New Growth
Green and Purple Succulents
My husband and I spent many days worrying about money. We never really had an idea if we were saving enough, spending too much, or needed to cut back, which left us with underlying anxieties plaguing our marriage and life. Meg helped us identify our financial intentions by having us explore what we want and what we need with our money. We identified our primary goals and Meg created a beautiful budget for us. She never said “you can’t spend”, which is refreshing to hear, and she has a supportive and optimistic stance with finances—and she’ll help you feel that way too. We continue to talk with Meg of Reclaimed Mindset to continue to stay accountable & to support our goals of saving and living without financial worry.
-N.D., Illinois
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